Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coral in Jewelry

Genuine Red Coral and Moonstone BraceletCoral is not a gemstone, though red coral is often referred to as “precious coral”. It has always reminded me of trees, when I see it in its natural form. However, it is not a plant and does not grow that way. Coral is actually the accumulated masses of the skeletal remains of a tiny creature known as polyps. Most coral reefs are made up of both live polyps and the skeletal remains of the polyps.  Precious coral is what is most often seen in jewelry. Ranging in color from deep red, vibrant red, to pink.

You can find coral mentioned in history, especially ancient China. Where it was worn by Queens and Kings as a visual symbol, representing both wealth and status, to others. It is believed by Buddhist’s to be a treasure that would protect you from evil spirits.

Also, it has been found to be used extensively as a decorative component in art objects throughout history. You will also find it mentioned throughout history in ancient Egypt and prehistoric Europe. In India and the Mediterranean it was so highly prized right at the beginning of the Christian era, due to its high demand. Many of that era believed coral to be endowed with sacred and mysterious properties.

Esoterically, throughout history, coral has always been a symbol of life. It was believed to contain the helpful properties to aid the symptoms of deficient nutrition, depression and lethargy. Dark red was specifically used for stimulating the bloodstream. While pink was believed to bring harmony to ones heart. Coral is also believed to be a good aid for visualization during meditation.

Real coral is much softer than other gemstones and mediums used in jewelry. As such it needs to be handled with care in both the cleaning and storing of your jewelry. Which, in my book is a small price to pay to enjoy such gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

Double Red Coral and Crystals and Lampwork Necklace                     

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