Monday, November 21, 2011

November Birthstone

November’s birthstone on the modern list is Yellow topaz, while most historical lists indicate it as only topaz without a specific color.

Topaz comes in a variety of colors, anywhere from colorless, to blues, browns, greens, and flax. The most common color of the gemstone is in the family of yellows. They can range anywhere from a vibrant yellow to a yellow brown to a honey yellow.

Most gemstones have a bit of folklore, myth and legend that surround them. Topaz is no different from any other stone in that respect, even though it is considered one of the true gemstones. Here are a few bits of folklore, myth and legend:

* That wearing the stone would make one invisible during times of danger.

* Said to provide protection from falling off animals.

* It is believed that whatever powers topaz has they are associated with the moon.

* Medicinally it is believed that topaz assists with gout, blood disorders, and such.

* The tendency for yellow topaz has brought about the belief it imparts happiness.

Topaz is a fabulous vibrant fall stone that anyone would be happy to receive for their birthday in November.

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