Thursday, November 17, 2011

Red Garnet Gemstones

Pearls. Fresh Water and Garnet Semi Precious Gemstone Bracelet
Deep red is the most coveted and recognizable color in the Garnet semi precious gemstone family. Although it can be found in the color hues of yellow, orange, white, gray, pink and green, rarely will you find these colors listed as garnets. The other colors have been named after their color as a unique gemstone.

Garnets derive their name from the Latin word granatus, which means seed like. The theory is that is was named so due to the fact that crystals resemble a group of seeds.

The folklore, legend and myth behind garnet semi precious gemstones include healing, strength and protection. Garnets are also believed to symbolize grace, compassion, faith, fidelity, and courage. Some believe when worn it will relieve inflammation of the skin. Cure depression, and regulate blood flow and heart rate.

Garnet Drops With Pearly Blue Green Seed Beads             G1
It is also believed to be a stone used to ensure business success. Taking a trip, need protection? Then wear garnets for protection to ensure a safe trip. Garnets provide constancy in friendships and make a perfect gift.

Garnet semi precious gemstones are the official birthstone for January. They make them a perfect anniversary gift for the 2nd and 6th anniversaries.

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