Friday, November 25, 2011

Spiritual Jewelry in Business


Spiritual jewelry and business is an interesting topic of discussion. One in which there is definitive sides in how it should and shouldn’t be handled. However, Entwined Vines Jewelry has a business model where spiritual jewelry is part and parcel of our one of a kind creation artistic venture. This means that regardless of what our personal beliefs we choose to create pieces for all walks of spirituality.

Being a handmade artistic jewelry small business, this is an unusual view to take. You can walk or click into any small business that carries spiritual jewelry and usually tell what the owner’s spiritual philosophy is. While there is nothing wrong with this decision as each business owner must make their own choice, I find it an interesting business choice to make.

Looking strictly at the bottom line, limiting product to one type of spirituality limits your target market. Now this might be fine for a business that is geared toward one type of spirituality or walk of life, but if it isn’t, then you are self sabatoging yourself by limiting your target market.

Creativity can be limited as well depending on what you create. Especially in jewelry, stars and moons are associated with Pagan and Wiccan walks of life. However, a good portion of the population like them just because and do not associate them with any spiritual path. Crosses are thought to be Christian in origin, yet the Celtic cross is much older and representative of a different spiritual path. Regardless of what side of the fence you are on be respectful of others choices. Our differences make the world more interesting.

What is your opinion on the subject? Do you think business owners should or shouldn’t allow their personal beliefs to affect what they offer for sale?

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