Friday, November 18, 2011

Win a Free $50.00 Home Depot Gift Card

Wacky Ways to Make MoneySome days you just have to share. I follow this odd blog called “The Penny Hoarder, Wacky Ways to Make Money”. A lot of the items shared are too much of a nuisance with my hectic schedule. However, I still love to read of all the ways he finds to make an extra buck. Today though I am sharing his blog, where he is giving away a $50.00 Home Depot card.

While I think it is awesome, I promote this tongue in cheek, because we started a promotion to give away Free Jewelry and have not seen much success. Yet, with fall here and winter right around the corner, I know my house could use a $50.00 Home Depot Card.

Follow this blog and you will find ways to maximize selling your college books, coupon sites he recommends where you can find great deals, and so much more. The writing style is nice, informative with about being sanctimonious, and has ideas that range from both fast cash to more long term income ideas. From what I have read, I get the idea that it was started with college students in mind, yet you will find something for everyone that could work if you’re willing to do the work no matter what phase of life you are in.

Regardless of whether I win or not, I enjoy reading the blog and will continue to do so. You all should stop in and check it out.


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