Monday, December 26, 2011

Birthday's -- Flowers and Gemstones

Shopping for someone's birthday is easier when you can access the information easisly.   Included here is a complete list  of articles written about birthstones and the flowers each calender month of the year.


January                    February                      March                                   
April                        May                             June
July                          August                         September
October                   November                   December

Birthstones Other Than Gemstones

Zodiac Gemstones

More to come

Flowers of the Month:

January                  February                        March
April                      May                               June
July                        August                           September
October                 November                      December

When writing the original articles I chose the more traditional route of the flower chosen to represent the entire month.   If you are interested in more detailed flower information there is a list that includes a flower for each day of the year. Not all of the items are flowers as we think, it is a very interesting list.

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