Friday, December 9, 2011

Creative left vs. right handed mini poll results

Left vs. Right handed people and how it affects creativity, has been an interesting topic.  First let me start out my saying thank you to everyone who participated and responded.  It was nice hearing the different thoughts on the topic.

Second let me stress that this is not a scientifically done poll.  It was very haphazard and not all  the notes and tally's came from the original post.   Results came about in information I collected in conversations with other artisan's and friends, and from different forums I am involved with.  That said here we go...

63 people responded

35 of them were right handed
23 of them were left handed
5 of them were ambidextrous

25 of them that indicated they were right handed indicated they were the creative type.
18 of the them that indicated they were left handed said they were the creative type.

4 of those that indicated they were right handed, stated they were not creative at all.
While only 3 of those that indicated they were left handed, stated they were not creative at all.

The 5 whom indicated they were ambidextrous, really didn't indicate one way or another specifically.  Yet. I am going to hazard a guess and say they are all creative.  From those that I have met over the years they all seem to be extremely creative in one fashion or another.

The other 8 did not indicate one way or another.

Just goes to show that science reports do not always portray things accurately.  Stats and figures do not account for life and human nature.  We human beings are adaptable and surprising in what we can accomplish when we set are mind to it.  

It begs the question why do we as a society here in the United States try to justify differences from one person to the next?  Not everything can be explained by science.  Those difference have helped the human race accomplish great things.  And should continue to do so as long as we keep teaching our children the importance of embracing unique talents and appreciating them.  Rather than fearing and ridiculing them.

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