Monday, December 5, 2011

December -- Flower -- Narcissus

Narcissus’s is the birth flower for those born in the month of December. There is a lot of myth, legend and lore that surround this flower. Daffodils are the most common and well known flower in the narcissus family. It is also the name most commonly used to describe all varieties of plants in the narcissus plant family.

Depending on whom you speak with will depend on how many varieties are available. Some believe that there are only 26 species, while others maintain that there are somewhere between 50 and 100. Regardless these plants come in a wide variety of color combinations and shapes. Each type has its very own distinctive fragrance. The most common colors remain in the range an hue of yellows, white, pink and orange.

There are two different theories behind how the Narcissus was named. One is that the plant is named after the narcotic properties contained within the plant. The Greek word “vapkaw narkao” translates to “I grow numb”.

However, the second one is a lot more interesting. It is derived from Greek mythology and speaks of a youth named Narcissus. The story goes that he became so obsessed with his own reflection that he died by the spring and the Narcissus plant sprang up where he perished. Differing stories have him falling in the pool and drowning while trying to kiss his reflection. While another version has him wasting away from thirst and starvation from just sitting on the edge of the pool until he perished.

In the language of flowers, brought to popularity in the Victorian Era, the Narcissus flower meaning is the said to be the possibility of renewal. Today it also represents peace, respect, faithfulness, modesty and formality.

Either way it will make a fantastically vibrant and cheerful gift for anyone’s birthday that falls in the month of December.

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