Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Featured Artisan -- Noton By Raquel

Our latest featured artisan interview with Raquel the talent behind


When and how did you first become interested in crafting?

I think since the day I was born :), I grew up watching my mother knitting, my grandmother sewing and my great-grandmother crocheting, so I learned these crafts very young making clothes to my dolls! The other crafts came later, in fact, I love learning new crafts, and some I like and continue.

How long have you been creating your chosen craft?

Let's see, for me, family and friends, since I was around 6 years old. I made my first sweater when I was 8/9 years old. But for selling, I started with the jewelry, about 10 years ago.

What are your crafting influences?

So many, I can't really point at anything specific, it can be something I see when I'm taking a walk, something I see in a magazine, or anything on tv... it depends the mood I'm in!

Green Beaded Polymer Clay Flower Brooch

Does anyone in your family do a similar craft?

Yes, as I said before, my mother and my grandmother, my sister. I come from a crafty family :)

What kinds of places have you displayed your craft in your life?

I started to sell to my friends, and now I also sell online in 2 different venues.

What else do you do besides create these beautiful pieces?

I work in an office, and I do office work!

What is your favorite piece that you have created so far?

It's quite difficult to say, I love every piece, so I'm going to choose my "Brown Cable Knit with Buttons Faux Leather Handbag". I think this one is very cheerful!

Brown Cable Knit with Buttons Faux Leather Handbag

Why did you make that piece?

That's a tough question; I made that handbag because I just felt it would turn out incredible when I designed it. And it did!

What does it take to create pieces like that?

Inspiration and work :)

What is special about your pieces?

Well, besides being handmade by me ( I'm very perfectionist) I always put a little of my love when I'm creating, and my pieces are unique, since I don't like that much doing repeated things!

Crochet House in Light Green and Light Blue Knitted Children Bag

What makes this kind of craft "good" to you?

It helps me clear my mind whenever I'm creating and believe that good things really exist! Remember, nothing is impossible

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NOTON by Raquel said...

Thank you so much for featuring me!
It's a honor to be in your blog.

Raquel Almeida