Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Handmade Puzzle Boxes

I love puzzle, they are fun and can be challenging.   Puzzle boxes are just like a puzzle only useful.   They come in such wonderful shapes, colors and variety, you can find a style to please anyone.   Handmade puzzle boxes are even better.  Better designs, sturdier and usually prettier than their commercial counterparts.

Blue Puzzle Jewelry Box Made in Transylvania Home of Vampires w Key

Artfire is home to so many talented artisans.  Here are a few of the treasure puzzle boxes that I found while wandering through the studio's on Artfire.   They would make a great Valentine's day gift for that someone special in your life.  Traditionally you would include a piece of jewelry hidden in one of the many compartments.  Just a thought with tomorrow being February first. 

Vintage Hungarian European Wood Secret Puzzle Box Safe Bank Trick Box

Wood Puzzle Heart Box

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Portland Saturday Market 1-28-12 Featured Artisan Sabrina Leaf

Sabrina own and operate Sabrina Leaf designs and can be found at Portland Saturday Market most every weekend.  Their designs are inspired from nature as Sabrina collects leaves and then presses them into clay.  Once that is done, they shape the pieces by hand into the shape for what they are creating.  Be it earrings, pendants for necklaces, or one of the lovely platters.

Sabrina in her booth at the Market.
Sabrina in her booth at the Market.

Pedestal platters and one of their lovely boxes.

Pedestal platters and one of their lovely boxes.

Leaf earrings
Leaf earrings

Leaf necklaces
Leaf necklaces

Deep earth tones and nature inspired creations dominate their jewelry designs.

Every now and then they deviate and add spiders.
Every now and then they deviate and add spiders.

This set came about after a spider wandered on the work bench.
This set came about after a spider wandered on the work bench.

Platters that can stand alone as a decorative piece.
Platters that can stand alone as a decorative piece.

The detail in their pieces is stunning.
The detail in their pieces is stunning.

To see more pieces visit their web gallery. You can also see pieces they have for sale online.

Remember Portland Saturday Market will reopen for the 2012 season the first Saturday in March.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wooden Jewelry Boxes

I found that ArtFire has some fantastic artisans who create jewelry boxes of all sizes and shapes.

Jewelry boxes and small trinket boxes, especially wooden ones, have always fascinated me.  The texture of the wood once its been polished is soothing.  While the different types of woods and colors provide a fascinating decorative piece for years .
Artisan Jewelry Box in Ambrosia Maple
Jewelry Box in Ambrosia Maple

While the antique looking ones remind me of more romantic times.  When men wooed women and romance was the norm not the exception.
1950s Jewelry Box London Leather Japan
1950s Jewelry Box London Leather Japan

Fun and colorful jewelry boxes have their appeal.  The bright colors lend cheer to a room.

Large decoupage bright colors jewelry box trinket box 212
Large decoupage bright colors jewelry box trinket box

My favorite piece I have found so far.  The design is so unusual.  The contrasting light and dark woods give charater to the piece without detracting from the overall design.  If I had a desk I might actually use it there for all those little office supplies.
Artistry In Woodworking~Jewelry Boxes for Women~Anniversary Gift~Shop
Type of wood used in this jewelry box is Walnut with Birdseye Maple for the drawer pulls.

ArtFire has lots of small jewelry boxes that I found.  Including vintage, semi precious gemstone, decoupage, and more....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Portland Saturday Market in January!

Portland Saturday Market in January, you’re thinking yeah right, we know the market is closed for the entire month of January and February. Well think again. Yes, we are closed for in person visits; however, in late fall the market opened up for online sales.

Yep, you read that correctly. Portland Saturday Market vendors can now be found online. Not only a snippet of what the vendors sell, but it also allows you to shop in the off season. So if you are sitting at home bemoaning the fact you can’t get out in the weather. Are missing wandering through the market stalls to see the latest creations from your favorite artists, never fear we have resolved that issue for you. While we can’t do much about the weather being able to browse through the Portland Saturday Market vendor stalls online allows you a small measure of escape, while waiting for spring to return.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you are perusing.

1.) This is a brand new website for the Portland Saturday Market. Not all of the vendors are set up as I write this blog.

2.) Watch for website links. A number of vendors have had their own websites for years. And with time constraints, they are directing their online traffic to one studio for all purchases to occur in. I don’t know about the other artisan’s but here at Entwined Vines Jewelry, we set it up this way to ensure a fantastic buying experience for all of our online customers.

3.)  You can search by product type, but vendor name, and by category.
We, hope you stop by for a visit to the online stores and enjoy this new addition to the Portland Saturday Market experience. Don’t worry though the market will reopen as usual the first weekend of March.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Plates and Platters

Tray Handpainted Hunter Green Tole Pink Roses Vintage Shabby Chic
Handpainted Hunter Green Tole Pink Roses Tray
Going vintage allows a person to add personal flair and design. Today's commercial made items tend to be generic and plain. While designs from the past tend to have lots of color, design and character. Personalization of styles play's a big part in history and seems to be an element that for a while we lost. However, with the surge of "The Occupy" movement, which in some areas has morphed into buy handmade and buy local, it seems we are seeing a return to our roots.

While certain segments of society have never really given up the mentality of shopping local and handmade, it has become a much larger deal today, than it was even six months ago. Shopping Vintage allows people to not only shop local, but also shows that not only are people wanting the unique, the well made, but also the personalization in choice that today’s commercial products do not accommodate.

Don’t get me wrong, we will not see a total collapse of the commercial shopping environment, but what is bought commercial is going thru a shift. This tends to happen every decade or so, sometimes every couple of years. I think the driving force behind this shift is the struggling economy. With economic reports showing the benefits to communities when people shop local, it is definitely shifting how some people shop.

Now, if you are like me and would rather shop online, you may be asking yourself how to go about doing that. In the case of handmade and vintage, shopping with us on sites like Artfire, which provides a platform for multiple individual handmade and vintage boutiques to be found in one location, it is made easy. Search functions allow you to shop local, by region, and by country. The nice thing is while local helps with the economy, shopping within a region, or a country also has a huge impact, that provides a ripple effect in how if effects the economy. Shopping local or US only, positively assists the overall economic health for everyone in the US, over shopping commercial retail stores.

It helps that people are craving the unique and personal that can only be found in the handmade world or in this case vintage. Found myself window shopping on Artfire again for the colorful plates and platters I remember from childhood. From family events with the great Aunts and Uncles, where the potluck table groaning under the weight of the food, needed know additional decoration, because of the colorful plates and platters that were always in use.

Tray Handpainted Aqua Blue Tole Pink Rose Lavender Vintage Shabby Chic
Handpainted Aqua Blue Tole Pink Rose Lavender  Tray

Plate Victorian Tin Baret Ware England Arbour Vintage Shabby Chic 1950
Victorian Tin Baret Ware England Arbour Plate

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Portland Saturday Market 1-14-12 Featured Artisan Colorburst Studios

Colorburst Studios is one of our reserved vendors at Portland Saturday Market.   With their bright display of rainbow colored items, from earrings to hair twists, your sure to find something to brighten any day.

Rainbow designs in metal
Rainbow designs in metal

Earrings rainbow colored in metal
Earrings rainbow colored in metal

Spiral hair clips
Spiral hair clips
These are my favorite creation.  It is a hair piece.  How it works is you braid or leave your hair straight and twist it into your hair and it holds it in place.  Works on any type of hair and comes in wide or narrow metal.  Rainbow colored and plain color designs.   Some even have charms that hang from the end.  
Plain and rainbow hair clips with and without charms
Plain and rainbow hair clips with and without charms

More of the hair twist holders.

Rainbow vendor in her booth
Rainbow vendor in her booth

Colorburst studio designs
Colorburst studio designs

To inpatient to wait for the Market to reopen for the season, that's OK, you can email Colorburst Studios at paulec@colorburst.com

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vintage Window Shopping

Syrup Pitcher Taylor Smith & Taylor Ever Yours Retro Kitchen Tableware
Syrup Pitcher
Window shopping is one of my favorite pasttimes.  It brings to mind fond memories, of afternoons spent window shopping with my Grandmother in little out of the way shops.  Today I can indulge this past time without every leaving the house and still enjoy the unique qualities of quaint shops. 

How you may ask?

Easy, in addition to being the hottest handmade market place Artfire is home to a lovely array of Vintage sellers.  Whom have a wide selection of items to offer.   You may be wondering why I am bringing this to you today since we are a handmade studio, the reason is two fold.  My grandmother's birthday was in January and I was thinking about her today.   Secondly Tina loves to cook and loves kitchen gadgets, so I end up looking at kitchen stuff.  While I like all the gadgets and can cook I really do not like too.  

Sharinge a few of the items I found while wandering and reminiscing through the vintage section on Artfire, seemed like a fine idea to me today.  some days you just want to play and shop instead of working.  

Applique Embroidered Kitchen Tea Towel Bonnet Girl Sweeping Vintage
Ebroidered Kitchen Tea Towel
Syrup Pitcher, Amber White Daisy Vintage Retro Kitchen Tableware, Mint
Syrup Pitcher

1980s Silly Goose Salt and Peppers
Silly Goose Salt and Pepper Shakers

Black Cats Salt Pepper Shakers Emerald Rhinestone Collar Vintage Retro
Siamese Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage Pure Linen Cardinal Blue Jay Kitchen TowelsMy Grandmother's other passion she shared with me as a child was bird watching.  One of her favorite birds was the cardinal, these Vintage Pure Linen Cardinal Blue Jay Kitchen Towels remind me of her favorite kitchen towels

Kitchens and cooking have always played a big part in my life, they truly are the heart of the home.  If you have someone in your life who has a gift for cooking, like I do with my business partner Tina, you are doubly blessed.

Yet, remember that even those who love to cook need a day off and just close the kitchen.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Portland Saturday Market 1-7-12 Featured Vendor Rogue Ales

Rogue Ales Distillery and Public House is one of the vendors you will find at Portland Saturday Market through out the season.    January and February while the market is closed, stop in for beer and food at their establishment located at 1339 NW Flanders ST in Portland, Oregon.

Rogue Ales distillery and public house
Rogue Ales distillery and public house
Located right next to the entertainment stage, during the market season they are easy to find.  Strictly regulated, be sure and bring you're identification with you.

A wide selection, there is something to tease your palette with.

A wide selection, there is something to tease your palette with.

The booth is open all day, for your convenience.

The booth is open all day, for your convenience.

Find more information on Rogue Ales on Facebook and their Website .  Or plan a trip and chat with them at Portland Saturday Market. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is Your Favorite Semi Precious Gemstone

I don’t know about everyone else, but I do know that for Tina and I blogging is an ever evolving journey with lots of twists and turns. Some more unexpected than others, and some happen and then we have to step back turn around and go in the opposite direction.

So, it is always interesting when Tina and I sit down to map out our blogging. The three main factors we chose to consider, when deciding topics, are:

1.) Is it something we will enjoy writing?

2.) Does it pertain to our Business?

3.) And most importantly is it relevant to our readers?

Here are my personal answers to those three questions.

1.) Yes, I love stones and writing about them allows me to learn new things as well as refresh my memory about stones I have studied in the past.

2.) Of course it pertains to our business as semi precious gemstones are a main stay in our designs.

3.) Relevant to our readers and potential customers, hmm that one is harder and not as clear cut. On the one hand I think it is very relevant as it allows us to provide information to potential buyers about the materials we use in our designs.

Yet, on the flip side we have those buyers that have bought from us because it is pretty and don’t care what it is made from.

As far as being relevant from day to day not really for most people; however I am sure there is a segment of our readers for whom it is very relevant.

So you start to see the issue I have been struggling with in regards to semi precious gemstones.

Last year I wrote individual blogs about some of our favorites, like tiger’s eye and amethyst. The last gemstone blog of the year was a simple blog listing all of the semi precious gemstones written throughout the year with easy to find links and some that are on the want to write about list.

For now I am planning to continue writing my gemstone blogs every Thursday, because while some may not consider it relevant, it does fit all three criteria elements we have in place.

Yet, having decided that as I sat down to write my first semi precious gemstone blog of the year, I found myself wondering which gemstones you all would like to see my write about.

The request to my readers, please drop a quick comment and let me know the following:

a.) What is your favorite semi precious gemstone?

b.) Are there any specific semi precious gemstones you would like to see us write about?

To see all of the different topics we discuss, post about, and write about you can find us at:

Website – Entwined Vines Jewelry







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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Morgan Silk -- ArtFire Featured Artisan

Welcome to our interview with Morgan Silk


Does anyone in your family do a similar craft?

What kinds of places have you displayed your craft in your life? I had silk hangings on Worth Ave in Palm Beach a million years ago, participated in two three-women shows in a small gallery, and a one-woman show in a bank. I prefer to sell online, now that I am painting on wearable art instead of producing fine art.

What else do you do besides create these beautiful pieces? I am a retired high school teacher, and spend several days a month in the classroom, but my interests include wandering in the wilds with my dogs and collecting fossils.

Silk Necktie Poison Ivy hand painted Luxury for Men

What is your favorite piece that you have created so far?

Oh, dear, I always like the newest one the best. That being said, I love the super-long stonewashed silk crepe scarves in abstract patterns and rich color. My favorite piece has probably been sold.

Why did you make that piece?

I am possessed with enthusiasm for color and form. It's everywhere, and it compells me and keeps me awake at night.

What does it take to create pieces like that?

Years of experimenting, an understanding of how each dye color behaves, and hours and hours of uninterrupted work time.
hand painted silk crepe scarf Lotus Pod unique

What is special about your pieces?

I never, ever repeat a piece. I can't, because I collaborate with the dyes and the silk. Plus, I get bored repeating designs.

What makes this kind of craft "good" to you?
It has made me particularly aware of beauty in almost everything, and search for it with intent. That sure is fun, all the time and anywhere.

Hand dyed chiffon scarf extra long Reds Blacks tie dye