Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Plates and Platters

Tray Handpainted Hunter Green Tole Pink Roses Vintage Shabby Chic
Handpainted Hunter Green Tole Pink Roses Tray
Going vintage allows a person to add personal flair and design. Today's commercial made items tend to be generic and plain. While designs from the past tend to have lots of color, design and character. Personalization of styles play's a big part in history and seems to be an element that for a while we lost. However, with the surge of "The Occupy" movement, which in some areas has morphed into buy handmade and buy local, it seems we are seeing a return to our roots.

While certain segments of society have never really given up the mentality of shopping local and handmade, it has become a much larger deal today, than it was even six months ago. Shopping Vintage allows people to not only shop local, but also shows that not only are people wanting the unique, the well made, but also the personalization in choice that today’s commercial products do not accommodate.

Don’t get me wrong, we will not see a total collapse of the commercial shopping environment, but what is bought commercial is going thru a shift. This tends to happen every decade or so, sometimes every couple of years. I think the driving force behind this shift is the struggling economy. With economic reports showing the benefits to communities when people shop local, it is definitely shifting how some people shop.

Now, if you are like me and would rather shop online, you may be asking yourself how to go about doing that. In the case of handmade and vintage, shopping with us on sites like Artfire, which provides a platform for multiple individual handmade and vintage boutiques to be found in one location, it is made easy. Search functions allow you to shop local, by region, and by country. The nice thing is while local helps with the economy, shopping within a region, or a country also has a huge impact, that provides a ripple effect in how if effects the economy. Shopping local or US only, positively assists the overall economic health for everyone in the US, over shopping commercial retail stores.

It helps that people are craving the unique and personal that can only be found in the handmade world or in this case vintage. Found myself window shopping on Artfire again for the colorful plates and platters I remember from childhood. From family events with the great Aunts and Uncles, where the potluck table groaning under the weight of the food, needed know additional decoration, because of the colorful plates and platters that were always in use.

Tray Handpainted Aqua Blue Tole Pink Rose Lavender Vintage Shabby Chic
Handpainted Aqua Blue Tole Pink Rose Lavender  Tray

Plate Victorian Tin Baret Ware England Arbour Vintage Shabby Chic 1950
Victorian Tin Baret Ware England Arbour Plate

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