Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vintage Window Shopping

Syrup Pitcher Taylor Smith & Taylor Ever Yours Retro Kitchen Tableware
Syrup Pitcher
Window shopping is one of my favorite pasttimes.  It brings to mind fond memories, of afternoons spent window shopping with my Grandmother in little out of the way shops.  Today I can indulge this past time without every leaving the house and still enjoy the unique qualities of quaint shops. 

How you may ask?

Easy, in addition to being the hottest handmade market place Artfire is home to a lovely array of Vintage sellers.  Whom have a wide selection of items to offer.   You may be wondering why I am bringing this to you today since we are a handmade studio, the reason is two fold.  My grandmother's birthday was in January and I was thinking about her today.   Secondly Tina loves to cook and loves kitchen gadgets, so I end up looking at kitchen stuff.  While I like all the gadgets and can cook I really do not like too.  

Sharinge a few of the items I found while wandering and reminiscing through the vintage section on Artfire, seemed like a fine idea to me today.  some days you just want to play and shop instead of working.  

Applique Embroidered Kitchen Tea Towel Bonnet Girl Sweeping Vintage
Ebroidered Kitchen Tea Towel
Syrup Pitcher, Amber White Daisy Vintage Retro Kitchen Tableware, Mint
Syrup Pitcher

1980s Silly Goose Salt and Peppers
Silly Goose Salt and Pepper Shakers

Black Cats Salt Pepper Shakers Emerald Rhinestone Collar Vintage Retro
Siamese Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage Pure Linen Cardinal Blue Jay Kitchen TowelsMy Grandmother's other passion she shared with me as a child was bird watching.  One of her favorite birds was the cardinal, these Vintage Pure Linen Cardinal Blue Jay Kitchen Towels remind me of her favorite kitchen towels

Kitchens and cooking have always played a big part in my life, they truly are the heart of the home.  If you have someone in your life who has a gift for cooking, like I do with my business partner Tina, you are doubly blessed.

Yet, remember that even those who love to cook need a day off and just close the kitchen.

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