Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is Your Favorite Semi Precious Gemstone

I don’t know about everyone else, but I do know that for Tina and I blogging is an ever evolving journey with lots of twists and turns. Some more unexpected than others, and some happen and then we have to step back turn around and go in the opposite direction.

So, it is always interesting when Tina and I sit down to map out our blogging. The three main factors we chose to consider, when deciding topics, are:

1.) Is it something we will enjoy writing?

2.) Does it pertain to our Business?

3.) And most importantly is it relevant to our readers?

Here are my personal answers to those three questions.

1.) Yes, I love stones and writing about them allows me to learn new things as well as refresh my memory about stones I have studied in the past.

2.) Of course it pertains to our business as semi precious gemstones are a main stay in our designs.

3.) Relevant to our readers and potential customers, hmm that one is harder and not as clear cut. On the one hand I think it is very relevant as it allows us to provide information to potential buyers about the materials we use in our designs.

Yet, on the flip side we have those buyers that have bought from us because it is pretty and don’t care what it is made from.

As far as being relevant from day to day not really for most people; however I am sure there is a segment of our readers for whom it is very relevant.

So you start to see the issue I have been struggling with in regards to semi precious gemstones.

Last year I wrote individual blogs about some of our favorites, like tiger’s eye and amethyst. The last gemstone blog of the year was a simple blog listing all of the semi precious gemstones written throughout the year with easy to find links and some that are on the want to write about list.

For now I am planning to continue writing my gemstone blogs every Thursday, because while some may not consider it relevant, it does fit all three criteria elements we have in place.

Yet, having decided that as I sat down to write my first semi precious gemstone blog of the year, I found myself wondering which gemstones you all would like to see my write about.

The request to my readers, please drop a quick comment and let me know the following:

a.) What is your favorite semi precious gemstone?

b.) Are there any specific semi precious gemstones you would like to see us write about?

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