Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Puzzles for Children

I have enjoyed puzzles since I was a kid. Didn't matter what kind.  Be they the flat ones with frames, or the wooden ones shaped like animals or the standard flat ones with no frame, puzzles were an aventure.  Creating a scene as you went, learning how to match shapes and styles.  Ok, I was a puzzle junkie.

So it should be no suprise that when I ran across a puzzle while wandering around on ArtFire that I went  looking for them specifically.  Found all sorts of puzzles, but these really jumped out at me.  As they took me down memory lane back to my own childhood days.

Vintage Playskool Wooden Truck Puzzle

A vintage framed truck puzzle.

Elephant jigsaw puzzle

What child doesn't love elephants?

Vintage Puzzles Lamb and Playskool Set of Two

Fabulous vintage board puzzles.

Fantasy Puzzle - Pegasus

Must not forget the fantasy puzzles that spark the imagination. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Portland Saturday Market 2-25-12 Featured Artisan Cycle of Gold

Portland Saturday Market has offers a wonderful variety of artisans.  Cycle of Gold is an artisan that specializes in fresh local honey and bees wax candles.   Owner David Hargraves refers to himself as the creative steward.

Local fresh honey.

Local fresh honey.

Long tapers, straight with a tye die color scheme.

Long tapers, straight with a tye die color scheme.

 reds in the taper candles

I really like this selection with the reds in the taper candles.

Natural colored beeswax taper candles

Natural colored beeswax taper candles, both straight and twisted in design.

David assisting  customers  in his booth at the market

David assisting  customers  in his booth at the market.

Tapers in the blue and purple color schemes.

Tapers in the blue and purple color schemes.

Taper candles with a twist.

Taper candles with a twist.

That's Tina checking out his selection of short tapers.

That's Tina checking out his selection of short tapers.

Bees wax herbal creams are a dream

Bees wax herbal creams are a dream.

He even offers honeycomb

He even offers honeycomb.

David can be found at Portland Saturday Market most every weekend.  During the two months the market is closed, January and February he can be reached at haha@molalla.net.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unakite Semi Precious Gemstones

Unakite Chips with Fresh Water Pearls BraceletUnakite semi precious gemstones are also known as epidote stones, which is not entirely accurate. They derive their name from the Greek word epidosis. Which means literally “growing together”, as unakite is a combination of epidote, feldspar, and granite which have all solidified together into one solid unique gemstone. The colors of the unakite gemstone are usually includes green and a tone anywhere from light pink to salmon or a true red color.

Some believe this natural bonding of two unique stones lends itself to the creation of the saying, what comes together belongs together. While I don’t know if that true or not, I do know that in the metaphysical realm this stone is used to ferret out deception and deceit others are directing at you.

It is also believed in the esoteric world that unakite is a grounding stone, balancing ones emotions when needed. While also considered useful to facilitate rebirthing of one’s spiritual nature by unlocking inhibited preprogrammed thoughts. This is a gentle process that happens over a period of time.

Yet, others believed the unakite semi precious gemstones had healing properties. They believed that the stone both worn and placed in the environment would shorten the convalescence and recovery time from major illnesses. It is also believed to promote the health of both mother and child during pregnancy and encourage overall health of the reproductive system.

Double unakite with Bronze Fresh Water Pearls
Looking for information on a different gemstone? You can find a complete list in Gemstones , each one links to the article we have written. Check back as we will continue to update the as we move forward. Don't see a gemstone on the list you would like to see more information on? Leave a comment and we will add it to the list.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paintings and Prints on ArtFire

Who doesn't love a good painting?  Searching  for a new piece, stop by ArtFire and check out selections direct from the Artisans who created them.  Be it wall painting, hand painted cards, or mini paintings you can find styles for any design.    Can't afford an original, no worries, several artisan due reproduction pieces of their originial pieces.

My walls do not allow for a lot of art as I have a very small home, but I still enjoy looking, here are a few that captured my attention.

ACEO OE Giclee Print Tree Frogs Melody Lea Lamb

Frogs capture the imagination of all ages.

Lynx, 5x7 Matted Print, Male Fairy, Handsome, Warroir Fay, Fantasy Art

Fantasy more your style?  No problem you will find a wide array.

Sea Sight, Storm\s Coming, Original Oil Painting, 30

This piece reminds me of a bit of Zen are.  There is just something about coastal pieces that draws me in.

Coffee Laced original coffee painting delicate swirls in rich brown

Geometric random patternshave their place as well.

60x30 Custom Monochrome Black and White Original Tree Painting Zen

Symetrical sets are definetly show pieces.

SUNFLOWER WINDOW PAINTING - Landscape flower art

Have a space that needs a window?   Create one with charming sunflowers.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Portland Saturday Market Pre Season 2012

The 2012 season of Portland Saturday Market starts in two weeks,  wow can you believe it is here already?  While hard to believe it is here already, we have been busy getting everything ready including doing a dry run set up this weekend, so our first day goes smoother.  

There have been changes from our first year at Portland Saturday Market and vending at the market is kind of like going thru growth stages.  Last year was our first year and in our infancy we learned a lot, yet by the end of season we definetly had hit the rebellious teens.   And this year we should fly thru the young adult trial and error stage and be smoothly sailing into the mature adult stage well before mid season.  Yes, I am laughing right along with you at my analogy, however it is so accurate.

Our booth set up has improved, we have made minor shifts in our product.  New designs are in the works or already completed for our one of a kind (OOAK) handmade artisan jewelry.  Year two at the market is off to an excellent start and the season hasn't even started.

In addtion, the entire year will go smoother for us as we are no longer on the fill in list, we are starting out as reserved members this year. It is exciting, our booth is located on the first aisle. Easiest way to find us, is to find the red information booth, face the river and then take the first aisle you can take a left on, we are located on the right hand side of the aisle from that direction. Big hint the first aisle looks like a ramp.

So plan ahead, bring your friends, an early spring excursion is the best way to shake of the winter blues and come visit.  We love to see familiar faces and meet new people, and we our looking forward to seeing you all at Portland Saturday Market this year.

Market hours of operation and season are as follows:

Opens the first Saturday in March

Saturday the Market runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sundays, yes we are open sundays as well, from  11:00 am to 4:30 pm

Last day of the Season for Portland Saturday market is December 24th, regardless of what day of the week it happens to fall on.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moss Agate Gemstones

Moss Agate semi precious gemstones are one of my favorites in the agate family. Their lovely multi toned and variegated shades of green. Occasionally the stones contain hints of gray, blue and white color. While the reverse is also true, the green can be the accent color instead of the primary color. The color combinations are very reminiscent of the moss that grows on trees in the forest. While the patterning on the stones is e extremely tree like.

Moss Agate Gemstones and Magnetic Hematite BraceletIt is a very earthy semi precious gemstone; the deep green pieces in large chunks create dramatic center pieces for necklace designs. While smaller pieces create a softer, subtler undertones in the pieces it is designed with. Chunks or a small decorative bowl of nuggets make a fabulous addition to your office or home.

In the metaphysical world Moss Agate is considered the most powerful member of the agate family for protection. These semi precious gemstones are considered to be the stone of “The Warrior”, due to the intensity of its protective properties. While in business it calms and centers the person wearing or carrying the stone with them for a clear head and ease of concentration, during important meetings.

Midwives have been known to use moss agate in successful birthing. Speed up recovery of illnesses, relieve sensitivities to environmental pollutants and counteract the effects of long term illnesses.

Moss agate semi precious gemstones with its close relationship to the forests are a fantastic stone for enhancing feelings of expansion and space. Giving the wearer a sense of freedom, the same as occurs when wandering through the forest or along a lonely beach.

Have a gardener in your life, then moss agate gemstones are a must. Whether as a piece of jewelry or an addition to your growing space, they will enhance and help promote the growth of your gardens. Garden lore that was passed down in my family says if you add agates, especially moss agates to your garden, your flowers will be brighter and your crops more bountiful. This was done with either larger chunks placed among the plants or small pieces hung from trees. I have been known to add them on the outside of pots as decoration and hang them from bird feeders.

Necklace of Moss Agate Gemstones and Magnetic Hematite

Looking for information on a different gemstone? You can find a complete list in Gemstones , each one links to the article we have written. Check back as we will continue to update the as we move forward. Don't see a gemstone on the list you would like to see more information on? Leave a comment and we will add it to the list.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February Collection's

"Spirit of the Wolf" is a collection created in honor of these majestic creatures.  From spiritual ties in different cultures to the strength of their family ties portrayed in wolf packs the wolves are an integral part of life.

"Majestic in Flight" is a collection created to show off eagles.  These glorious birds are both graceful and powerful when in flight.  They are also a fabulous symbol of freedom.