Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blue Lace Agate Gemstones

Blue lace agate semi precious gemstone is one of the most popular stones in the agate family. It is also one of the rarest of the agate family. It is a soft blue with strands of white running through it. However, the white isn’t always solid. The strand of white can and does have gaps, curls and waves to them that mimic the look of lace. Every twist and curl is unique to each section of the gemstone.

Blue Lace Semi Precious Agate Gemstones and Jet Shell Bead NecklaceGemstones have a long and colorful history. Stone folklore, mythology and legend abound around all gemstones and blue lace agate is no different. Its soft blue color lends this gemstone to calming situations and environments; while it is also believed to be a gemstone that assists with communication.

All agates are considered gemstones of protection and blue lace agate is no different, though it is not considered to be its greatest strength. Blue lace agates greatest strengths in the metaphysical realms is its calming and de-stressing properties. It is also believed to promote peace of mind.

Wearing this beautiful gemstone is one of the easiest ways to bring these properties into your life. To bring them into your home, you can choose larger pieces for display; magnify the effects by pairing it with some blue candles. Blue is a tranquil color to begin with and adding in blue lace agate semi precious gemstones creates a feeling of elegance and beauty in your home.

Stress at the office leaving you a bit frazzled? Add a chunk of blue lace agate to your desk. Then whenever you start to feel overwhelmed, stop take a moment to gaze into the stone. It is a bit like meditation and allows the mind to stop and reset, leaving you better able to deal with the day.

Blue lace agate semi precious gemstone is beautiful all by itself. Yet, it becomes spectacular when used in jewelry designs. Each artisan who uses blue lace agate gemstones in their work creates stunning designs that range from the simple to the elegant.

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