Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moss Agate Gemstones

Moss Agate semi precious gemstones are one of my favorites in the agate family. Their lovely multi toned and variegated shades of green. Occasionally the stones contain hints of gray, blue and white color. While the reverse is also true, the green can be the accent color instead of the primary color. The color combinations are very reminiscent of the moss that grows on trees in the forest. While the patterning on the stones is e extremely tree like.

Moss Agate Gemstones and Magnetic Hematite BraceletIt is a very earthy semi precious gemstone; the deep green pieces in large chunks create dramatic center pieces for necklace designs. While smaller pieces create a softer, subtler undertones in the pieces it is designed with. Chunks or a small decorative bowl of nuggets make a fabulous addition to your office or home.

In the metaphysical world Moss Agate is considered the most powerful member of the agate family for protection. These semi precious gemstones are considered to be the stone of “The Warrior”, due to the intensity of its protective properties. While in business it calms and centers the person wearing or carrying the stone with them for a clear head and ease of concentration, during important meetings.

Midwives have been known to use moss agate in successful birthing. Speed up recovery of illnesses, relieve sensitivities to environmental pollutants and counteract the effects of long term illnesses.

Moss agate semi precious gemstones with its close relationship to the forests are a fantastic stone for enhancing feelings of expansion and space. Giving the wearer a sense of freedom, the same as occurs when wandering through the forest or along a lonely beach.

Have a gardener in your life, then moss agate gemstones are a must. Whether as a piece of jewelry or an addition to your growing space, they will enhance and help promote the growth of your gardens. Garden lore that was passed down in my family says if you add agates, especially moss agates to your garden, your flowers will be brighter and your crops more bountiful. This was done with either larger chunks placed among the plants or small pieces hung from trees. I have been known to add them on the outside of pots as decoration and hang them from bird feeders.

Necklace of Moss Agate Gemstones and Magnetic Hematite

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