Saturday, February 18, 2012

Portland Saturday Market Pre Season 2012

The 2012 season of Portland Saturday Market starts in two weeks,  wow can you believe it is here already?  While hard to believe it is here already, we have been busy getting everything ready including doing a dry run set up this weekend, so our first day goes smoother.  

There have been changes from our first year at Portland Saturday Market and vending at the market is kind of like going thru growth stages.  Last year was our first year and in our infancy we learned a lot, yet by the end of season we definetly had hit the rebellious teens.   And this year we should fly thru the young adult trial and error stage and be smoothly sailing into the mature adult stage well before mid season.  Yes, I am laughing right along with you at my analogy, however it is so accurate.

Our booth set up has improved, we have made minor shifts in our product.  New designs are in the works or already completed for our one of a kind (OOAK) handmade artisan jewelry.  Year two at the market is off to an excellent start and the season hasn't even started.

In addtion, the entire year will go smoother for us as we are no longer on the fill in list, we are starting out as reserved members this year. It is exciting, our booth is located on the first aisle. Easiest way to find us, is to find the red information booth, face the river and then take the first aisle you can take a left on, we are located on the right hand side of the aisle from that direction. Big hint the first aisle looks like a ramp.

So plan ahead, bring your friends, an early spring excursion is the best way to shake of the winter blues and come visit.  We love to see familiar faces and meet new people, and we our looking forward to seeing you all at Portland Saturday Market this year.

Market hours of operation and season are as follows:

Opens the first Saturday in March

Saturday the Market runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sundays, yes we are open sundays as well, from  11:00 am to 4:30 pm

Last day of the Season for Portland Saturday market is December 24th, regardless of what day of the week it happens to fall on.

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