Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unakite Semi Precious Gemstones

Unakite Chips with Fresh Water Pearls BraceletUnakite semi precious gemstones are also known as epidote stones, which is not entirely accurate. They derive their name from the Greek word epidosis. Which means literally “growing together”, as unakite is a combination of epidote, feldspar, and granite which have all solidified together into one solid unique gemstone. The colors of the unakite gemstone are usually includes green and a tone anywhere from light pink to salmon or a true red color.

Some believe this natural bonding of two unique stones lends itself to the creation of the saying, what comes together belongs together. While I don’t know if that true or not, I do know that in the metaphysical realm this stone is used to ferret out deception and deceit others are directing at you.

It is also believed in the esoteric world that unakite is a grounding stone, balancing ones emotions when needed. While also considered useful to facilitate rebirthing of one’s spiritual nature by unlocking inhibited preprogrammed thoughts. This is a gentle process that happens over a period of time.

Yet, others believed the unakite semi precious gemstones had healing properties. They believed that the stone both worn and placed in the environment would shorten the convalescence and recovery time from major illnesses. It is also believed to promote the health of both mother and child during pregnancy and encourage overall health of the reproductive system.

Double unakite with Bronze Fresh Water Pearls
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