Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bronzite Gemstones

Bronzite semi precious gemstones, known also as brownzite is a tan brown gemstone that is actually hypersthenes, which is part of the pyroxene group. It is usually enhanced by being chemically weathered and the process creates the wonderful sub metallic luster mostly on the surface, though it does go deeper on occasion. It is a gemstone that often contains pieces of highly reflective minerals such as hematite. The weathering process increase the effect of the enhancement of the enamoring bronze like effect that is the signature look in most of these beautiful gemstones. Occasionally, depending on the cut and style certain beads can exhibit a cat’s-eye like effect. The color of the bronzite gemstones can ranges from brown to greenish-black.

Bronzite orbs, and dyed jade, Goddess anklet

It is considered a high energy gemstone, making it perfect for today’s fast paced society, by allowing one to work under pressure during difficult or stressful times. During goal setting it can help facilitate a feeling of certainty, by allowing the whole picture to be seen clearly. At the same time it forestalls feelings of discouragement regardless of how daunting the task may seem.

The same benefits can be used to process through difficult and challenging decisions, especially when they involve the future. Energies of the bronzite gemstones are believed to assist in sorting out the negative consequences and the benefits of each decision. It is believed the focusing on a piece of bronzite gemstone and meditate on the decisions increase the benefits of the stones energies in the decision making process.

Esoterically it is believed that the bronzite gemstones are effective in countering and protecting from any ill will directed at you. It is also believed to increase acceptance, help and inspire courtesy in others. It can also be used to balance the sacral chakra and for opening the root chakra.

Bronzite semi precious gemstones are practically essential for anyone whom works with the public on a daily basis. Especially if they are in the customer service industry and must maintain calm, polite professional attitude at all times.

Bronzite Semi Precious Gemstone and Deep Red Viking Knit Wire Bracelet
Bronzite oval and orbs Viking knit bracelet

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