Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rhodonite Gemstones

Rhodonite semi precious gemstones are known in the east as the “stone of dawn”. It derives its name from the Greek word “rhodon”, which is said to mean rose and or pink. This lends itself beautifully to this gemstone as it ranges in color from crimson to scarlet to pinks with hints of gray and veins of black that sometimes run throughout the stones.

This gemstone vibrates with love, partly due to its color. In the metaphysical realm rhodonites is said to sooth the nervous system and promote relaxation. While bringing a sense of well being to the wearer for peace of mind and increases ones sense of self worth.

In some cultures it was known as the rescue stone, for its ability to ward of negativity when placed in and around the home.

Yet, others believe that rhodonite semi precious gemstones have the ability to awaken hidden talents and abilities. At the same time it promotes the development of one’s skills and dexterity, for both the hidden talents and general life skills.

With its feminine colors it is also considered a gemstone of elegance and grace and poise. Think “Lady of the manor” and that is the skills set and qualities some associate with this beautiful gemstone. For poise in grace in public without showing a snippet of anxiety, while paying close attention to not miss a single detail. It also encourages young women to hold their head high with self confidence and establish their own voice in the world; As a unique, independent and productive member of society.

 Pink Marble with Rhodonite Chips and Pink Shell Chips Necklace

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