Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog and Computer Update

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For anyone following our blog you have probably noticed the lapses in postings.  Then the appearance of mass posting over this last week.  While accurate, let me explain what happened.

My primary computer was having problems for several weeks and then was essentially down for three weeks while it was being worked on.  Blogs were done and set to auto post, however for some reason that didn't happen and some of them disappeared.  Whether it was the behind the scenes platform update or my system issues I will never know.

As of this moment, I have caught up on all of my email accounts.  Blogging is completely caught up, yay.  Still a couple of things left to catch up in our Artfire studio.  Once that is done I will be completely caught up and back to my usual routine, yay.

However, after being down for so long I am completely amazed at how much I actually do online.  It never really occurred to me before just how much from the simple to the complicated that I do online these days. Nor the time involved in completing it all.  With this realization it has become apparent that I should and actually want to change a few things.  Not to stop doing what I normally do online, but to track and manage my time better.   I also think I will be implementing a one day or at the bare minimum one evening where I completely unplug from all electronics.  Perhaps with these simple changes I will recharge my creative self, which has been extremely absent of late.

So to all my reader's Thank you for your patience during this time I have been having computer issues.  Hopefully, with new procedures we have implemented this won't happen in the future, yet it is computers, the internet and we only have control of so

What challenges have you had to work through due to computer issues?

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