Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lampwork Wrap Up

Hand torched lampwork glass beads are quickly becoming an obsession for me that might just rival my gemstone passion or obsession depending on your point of view.  Regardless I am passionate about both of them and plan to continue to create and share.

Just a couple of follow up items in this series of quick high level overview tutorials:

The top bead in the above picture is what your beads will look like when removed from the flame of the torch.  All the while the mandrel is being turned to keep the shape of  the bead.

Here is a glimpse of what can be done with glass and the different looks that can be achieved.  The top bead on the right hand mandrel is the one added a second color to.  The other two are dark blue plan beads on that mandrel.    The middle mandrel is green glass and I was  just playing with different bead sizes.  Left hand rod contains two beads, the bottom one I was testing the setting of the torch using clear glass, there are a couple of bubbles in it which indicates the torch was not set properly.  Doing an initial test bead is always a good idea.   Now the top bead on that mandrel has been done with clear glass and the veining was created with the application of a tool to create the striped look without using a second rod color of glass.

Hope you have enjoyed this series on lampwork.  How many of you were familiar with hand torched lampwork glass before reading this series of blogs???

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