Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Materials

There is nothing more inspirational than a day of shopping for new stones.  One of our suppliers was in town this last weekend and we shopped.  Gemstones are one of our main stay mediums we use in our designs.  While some we do ourselves we also have several suppliers to keep pace with our creative needs.

Some of our best creative times are the weeks following the acquisition of new gemstones.  This round the selection was broader than we have seen in the past and were able to acquires types we have not had previously.

I can't wait to get started with those lovely citrine right there on top in two different sizes of nuggets. Also in this picture is some red aventurine, and gray crazy lace agate.

The large rectangular pieces at the top are orange striped agate pieces.  Oval honey jade is laying over top sunstones, both square and faceted.

Silverleaf jasper and ocean jasper rondelles are laying underneath a lovely strand of oval green quartz.

Carnelian, prehnite, quartz, jasper's,  moonstones and so much more. 

The cherry red rhodocrosite on top, while the tiny rondells of earth tones are lace opals.  Off to the left the light pinkish orbs are tourmaline and the orbs running across the bottom our a wild burrow jasper.  

Nope we didn't list them all, some shapes and types of semi precious gemstones saving for later as we are focused on creating new pieces for Mother's Day Weekend at Portland Saturday Market.  It's a great way to ensure Mom receives exactly what she wants by bringing here down to the market and picking our a new favorite piece or pieces as the case may be.

Share your favorite semi precious gemstone with us, we are always looking to learn about new gemstones.

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