Saturday, April 28, 2012

Roads End Pottery -- Portland Saturday Market

What artisan market would be complete without pottery in the mix?  In my opinion all artisan events should include at least one.  Portland Saturday Market boasts several and the are all different.  "Roads End Pottery" is one that prides itself on creating hand thrown functional stoneware.

There sign sits towards the back of their booth. Although in no way can you miss there booth.  They are on a corner in the park under the cover, two rows over the first row from the street (Natio Parkway).

Nothing is better on a cold day than wrapping your hands around a hot ceramic mug.  Such delightful colors, styles and sizes to choose from.   To the left in the picture, the item with the tree on it is a sponge holder.

Fun earth tone salad and dinner plates to grace your table.  Pie plates, bottom right in the picture and bowls in the top left corner.

Earth tones not your color scheme, check out these lovely blues.  

This is absolutely ingenious.  Bowls with built in chopstick holders.  Great way to keep them from rolling off when you set them on the edge.

Chilled wine container and glasses, keeping them all in one place.  

More fabulous mugs to choose from.

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