Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wood Sulptures By Sandra Healy

While looking for sculptures for last weeks blog I found artisan Sandra Healy.  Her studio is filled with wonderful hand carved and painted animal sculputers.  They caputured my imagination.  She uses different types of wood and painting techniques.

Sandra has been carving since 1975.  As her skills have improved so have her styles and range.  Now she has over 250 different animals in her reproitare.  She also paints, creates note cards and magnets.  In college she studied art, however her air brushing skills and knife carving were self taught through the years. 

Here are a few favorites I found while perusing her studio.

King Penguin and Young Carved Painted Wood Sculpture

Stellers Jay Hand Carved Painted Wood Corvid Bird Sculpture

Monarch Butterfly Carved Painted Wood Insect Sculpture

Koala and Baby hand carved wood Australian Animal sculpture

Barn Owl hand carved painted wood bird sculpture

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