Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dream and Goal Boards

There has bee a lot of discussion lately in my circles about dreams and goals.  Some of it positive, some of it not given the current state of our economy.  Yet, the one thing that remained constant is the need for them regardless of how big or small they are.   I whole heartedly agree, to a point, but that is a whole different conversation.  Today, I am sharing my Dream and Goal Board with you as I recently upgraded and have another upgrade in progress.

Now I am one of those people who have always had goals and dreams written down on a piece of paper.  I think I came out of the womb already setting goals, really I do.  Not sure where I picked up the habit from, but have been doing it for as long as I can remember.    Usually it is kept with my calendar and daily to do lists.  Through out the years I have done the occasional dream board, yet they were very short lived.  The only constant is the list itself and the quote you see below.

Now, some people will argue that dreams and goals are the exact same thing, I disagree, big surprise there, right?

The reason I disagree is practicalities.  Practical things are not dreams they are goals. Taking a month long vacation to walk The Great Wall of China, from one end to the other is a dream.  Paying off a debt is a goal.  Yes, there is a lot of grey area in between.  Not all dreams have to be extremely expensive or huge.  One of my dreams is to be able to read one book a week without guilt that I am neglecting something else.  That is a dream, right this second, in my life anyway.   

My first draft, which you are seeing the top half above, of creating a true dream board, was basically just expanding my list to being larger so it is easily readable.  Also so I could post it somewhere very visible to see everyday.  One of the things I chose to do was add color and create cloud sections for different areas, especially since this particular board includes not only dreams, but also goals as well.  

The one thing that has come up repeatedly in discussion is the fact that most have abandoned or lost sight of what they were working towards.  It is too easy to become bogged down in the daily grind of surviving from one day to the next and lose sight of not only what's important, that would be the people in our lives, but also what we were originally working towards.  That is why a dream and goal board, no matter how large or small is so important.

Do you have a dream or goal board?

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