Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Spring and early summer is a time that calls for a resurgence of pinks which is a timeless color.  Regardless of what the current fashion trends and fads are, pinks are always in style.  Shades may change from year to year or season to season, yet pinks are always in season.

Below are two collections we have been included in that showcase the talent and variety of the artisans that can be found on Art Fire

These two collections really do a good job of showcasing the different shades of pink that can be easily found.   A shade for everyone in  a variety of styles with a wide range of appeal.  Great for gifts or as a gift to yourself.

Artisans on Art Fire create collections to showcase what they find and like.  As well as to assist patrons in finding gift sets.  Collections can be purchased as individual items or as the entire collection of items even though each different artisan will handle the sale for their  own item.

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