Thursday, May 24, 2012

Simple Update

As I sat down this morning to write today's blog, I realized all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and ignore the world.  Partly this is due to the spring rains having finally arrived.  We went from 89 degree days to non stop rain in the 50's.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy the rain, however it does make things a bit more challenging.  Stuck inside instead of utilizing my outdoor work area, I would just about always rather be outside than inside.

The last thing I have time for today is curling up with cup of tea and a good book.   Currently working on and need to complete a couple of custom orders.  Photograph some completed pieces, so I can get them listed on our website for your viewing pleasure.  Not to mention the long list of items that never seem to end when yo are running a business.

I also have several large projects going on with the house.  One that needs to be finished today is weeding out my books, gasp.  Weeding out books is hard for me, I would almost rather donate blood or plasma.  Which should tell you something about my book addiction since I have a needle phobia.

I love books, doesn't matter what kind.  I will read or at least attempt to read just about anything.  The only subject I shy from is one I avoid in movies also and that is horror.   Life has enough horrors without purposely reading and watching make believe horror stories.  I know a lot of people like them and they are welcome to them, they just are not something I have ever been able to get into and enjoy.  Give me true life stories, mysteries, history, high end brain candy books, educational (unless it is dry and technical) and I am an admitted self help book junkie.  Being a self help book junkie and a people watcher allows me to indulge in studying the sociology and psychology of people, which has always fascinated me.

Ok, so this is what I have decided to do while writing my blog this morning. Run errands, finish the custom work, finish photographs and start on some new pieces, with breaks in between to finish the book project.  Avoid the computer for the rest of the day in lieu of curling up with a good book.   With the idea of tackling the computer work tomorrow.  Sounds like a plan to me...

Off to implement it, have a great weekend everyone.

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