Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sunny Days

Sunny days are a challenge for me.  I love them, however all I want to do is play in the garden.  Which makes it challenging when I come in late and realize I have not even thought about what to write for my blog post.

Oh well, sometimes life is just like that.  Although evenings with the last 2 hours of sun and creativity done sitting out on the deck have been fantastic.  I am so looking forward to more.  Even though with the unusually warm and dry spring we are likely in for a scorching hot dry summer.  If that happens drought protocol will likely be implemented.  While we Pacific Northwesters like our sunny weather when we can get it.  We also tend to be a bit whiny if our greens do not stay green and the lushness starts to wither, go figure.

I on the other hand am happy with the sunny days while we have them and embrace the rains when they come.  Mother nature knows best when it comes to the weather and nurturing the earth.  Everything in life has a cycle of ups and downs for a reason.  Some to ensure rest and rejuvenation, others ebb and flow for lessons to be learned and still others for no apparent reason at all, yet there always is one.

Enjoy the sunny days, embrace the changes of harsher weather and most importantly love and appreciate those who stick around for both! 

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