Thursday, June 7, 2012

Orange Crush and Jeans for Summer

What reminds you of childhood summers?

Orange crush and blue jeans are a couple of those items for us here at Entwined Vines Jewelry.  With summer just around the corner, artisans are starting to pull together collections of items that are perfect for summer.  I was perusing and found a couple to share with you all.  The first one including items that have the orange crush and blue jean colors in the pieces.  Each piece will compliment a wide variety of summer outfits, all the way into late fall.

Yellow and blues are another classic color combination for summer.  This collection appeals to me for its softer look.  It also creates a more relaxed atmosphere during the hectic days of summer.

Artisans on Art Fire create collections to showcase what they find and like.  As well as to assist patrons in finding gift sets.  Collections can be purchased as individual items or as the entire collection of items even though each different artisan will handle the sale for their  own item.

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