Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jewelry Pieces in Progress

A glimpse of an organized day of creating our artisan jewelry creations.  Usually, I am not very organized and have multiple projects going at once.  Anyone else looking at my work table wouldn't be able to see one single piece much less multiple pieces.  Today however, was not one of those days.  When I sat down to work on jewelry today I was having one of those rare days where I was actually organized in my creative process.

I don't use the tray much anymore, yet today was  a day I had it out and was laying out pieces, so it worked nicely to hold my stones in one place and allow me to lay out multiple pieces in an organized manner.  In the bottom necklace I am using a handmade clay goddess piece.  The gemstones I have paired with it are ones I am still trying to identify.  Yet, they are a lovely mottled black, gray and the piece will be completed with gold wire in loops and wire wrapped combination.

Center row has an oval of sunstone and orbs of green aventurine, showcasing a green with pink hues goddess pendant, not sure yet if I am doing this one as a simple necklace or add wire work to the piece.

The top row is all sunstone semi precious gemstones in various sizes and shapes.  Showing in the row are random cut nuggets; it will have three ovals of sunstone  evenly spaced from the center out. Silver wire work is what I intend to complete the piece.  similar to what is showing on the left in the picture above, that is part of another project I have set aside.  It just isn't working right for me at the moment, which is a pretty standard occurrence in the creative process. At least in my experience anyway.  

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