Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pro and Cons of Event Specific Jewelry

Creating event specific jewelry has its ups and downs.  On the one hand it can generate a significant boost in sales for that specific event.   What you have left, however can be a challenge to move out of inventory if you  have created something that doesn't exactly fit with your overall inventory.

It may not seem like it would be an issue for us, since we tend to create unique pieces. However, we tend to create more elaborate piece targeted for a specific age range and look.  Both for everyday wear as well as for more elegant occasions.

The mock feather earrings are definitely fun and can be worn everyday, yet only for those of a certain age.  Designed with ribbon and fluffy ribbon as an alternate to those who are allergic to feathers, they have been well received by teenagers and young adults. Totally a success and fun and while most of our designs are aimed at being fun, they are also aimed at being wearable in most work environment.

The crosses were made for a rodeo event that we didn't end up attending for a variety of reasons. It happens and ended up being a good choice for us, however it left us with the crosses.  We take four individual horse shoes, bend each one of them into shape and then wire wrap them in a specific pattern so that there is an x in the center where the wire overlaps, completed with a leather cord. While people do like them and they definitely have a market it is limited and they do not necessarily fit within the overall scope of our shop.

So while event specific jewelry does present some challenges, in the long run it is well worth the challenge.  It shows the care and adaptability a business is able to achieve when picking an event to market themselves.

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