Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taking Chances

Taking chances is right up there in my book with goal setting.  Here's the thing goals can range from the simple to the extreme, yet if you do not occasionally set a goal to stretch ourselves and try something that is outside our comfort zone, goals become stagnant.  Life looses its zest and its appeal in the most extreme cases.   Not to say that simple and achievable goals are not viable, because they most definitely are.  It is more a reminder (for myself mostly) that if you are not trying new things, stretching beyond your comfort zone occasionally you are not growing and learning as an individual.

 So why don't we do it more in our society?
 Unfortunately, the answer is simple.

Our society has come to a point that it has created such a stigma about failure that it is kind of frightening.  In some respects failures these days are seen and treated as punitive.  Think about children who are grounded or have things taken away because they didn't get a perfect grade?  Now that is not to say that sometimes it isn't warranted.  Children who are not doing the work, should have repercussion's.  No I am talking about the children who work their hardest, stay after class ask for help and still just do not get or worse get it but do not test well.  Testing is a whole different subject for another day perhaps.

When did we as a society shift to failures being punitive?

Failures, in my opinion should be looked upon as a teaching tool and learning experience.  Not a self esteem robbing, punitive punishable experience.  It doesn't  have to be big chances, little chances, like changing up your routine, taking a drive without clear directions and exploring the new areas you find work just as well as bigger chances.

We learn, we grow, we our more creative when we take chances. Inspiration can be found by taking chances, stepping out of our comfort zone or simply changing up our routine.

Though chances also must be tempered with reality.  If you want to learn to ski but do not have health insurance, it might not be the right time to take that particular chance.  I say this as someone who is accident prone and challenged in coordination. 

My advice, take a chance and see what happens?  I know I will be.

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