Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top 5 Tips when Vacationing with Children!

Vacationing with children presents a unique challenge for parents.  Depending on the age of the children determines the extent of the challenge.  Yet, with a little bit of planning you and your children can benefit and enjoy your vacation.  Here is our top five tips for vacationing with children of any age.

Top 5 Tips when Vacationing with Children!

     1) Pack items to keep them entertained and busy without requiring constant interaction.  This will allow the parents time when the children are not constantly bugging them.  Children will also benefit from this time as it allows them some autonomy to feel like they are doing there own thing.  

     2) Get your sleep! Both parents and children will benefit.  Your children will get under your skin and they are less likely to be cranky throughout the day.  Parents will benefit both for themselves and their children.  Rested parents will have more patience and enjoy their time more.

     3) Compromise! This pertains to older children (not infants and toddlers).  Plan some things the children want to do as well as what you want to do.  Children will enjoy the vacation more if they feel their wants and needs are being considered as well.  

*Something that works well in the planning stage is everyone in the family write down where they want to go on vacation   Then choose based it like a lottery, the whole they all go in the bowl and someone chooses blindly.  This can also be adapted and work for planning what to actually do when you get where you are going.  Getting children involved in the planning is a great way to assist in ensuring everyone has an enjoyable and relaxing vacation, with minimal frustration on all sides.

     4) Relax and enjoy your vacation!  Yet, remember you are still a parent and even on vacation it is acceptable to say no when it is appropriate for the benefit of everyone.  

     5) Reward yourself and your children with down time.  Avoid scheduling your vacation so full and busy that you overtax everyone.  It is a vacation after all, where less is more as the old saying goes.

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