Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dream and Goal Board Take Two

Earlier this year I talked about "Dream and Goal Boards" and I mentioned that I was working on another revision to mine that I had shared.  While I won't rehash all of the reasons having goals and dreams are important, especially right now, let's talk about how you use one and why it is constantly in flux.

As you can see I have started adding pictures. 
Very basic yet very powerful revision.  Humans are sensual and sensory creatures, vision is just one of them.

I was thrifty, with wanting to keep the cold hard cash to use towards goals and dreams, and utilized pictures out of magazines and believe it or not a book catalog.  While the pictures are small they still catch the eye and spark the imagination.

There in lies the secret to successfully using dream and goals boards.  It is a tickler for the brain to keep you energized when feeling discouraged.  To keep you on track when feeling overwhelmed and not sure what direction you are going in.   It is a constantly evolving board as we journey through life and refine what is important to and us and discard those things that no longer apply to us personally.

What do you use to keep yourself going, on track and journeying towards your dreams?

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