Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh My Stars!!!

Oh my stars!!!  Sometimes you have no one to blame but yourself.   Well that is the case for me, you may remember my hectic challenge post a couple of weeks ago.  Talking about bad wire for earrings and needing to remake ear wires and figuring out my blogs had not been publishing.  Well I finally carved a bit a time out of my schedule today to figure out what was going on with it, especially since my September blogs do not appear to be posting either.

See. what started this is I knew how busy August and beginning of September were going to be for me, so I decided to preset all my blogs and ease my schedule a bit.  Which only works if you are able to input the correct date.  Apparently I had the year wrong on every one of the blogs I had pre-scheduled. Big oops!

Now you make think no big deal they will be easy to find, except I am having to work my way through the entire list of blogs I have ever written, be they published, scheduled or in draft form.

Also its time to start thinking about starting a personal blog as I keep starting blogs on topics and then not finishing them, because they are not right for a business blog.  Could be wrong about that.  Anyway, the result is a high volume of blogs sitting in drafts in addition to all of the published blogs.

Yep, it is a mess. One that is my own fault, can't even blame the technology.  Still working on the earrings for the Portland Women's Show.  Very close to being done, would like to say by the end of Sunday, yet I know myself and it probably will be Wednesday at the earliest.  Then once they are done I will be able to completely focus on fixing my blog for a couple of days and hopefully find the rest of the missing blogs and everything will be back to normal.  Well as normal as my life ever gets anyway.

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