Thursday, November 29, 2012

Noteworthy Blogs 11-29-12

Fall is in the air with winter nipping at our heels, sigh.  While food is a big part of life and time should be taken to enjoy it to its fullest, this time of year just seems to bring it into sharp focus.  Maybe it is the colder weather and we are inside more often.  Maybe it is the holiday's that puts us in mind of big meals with family and entertaining friends.  Who knows for sure, yet here are a couple of noteworthy blogs to jump start some cooking creativity in your life.

All I'm saying is Garrett is lucky to have me. ;)

 New twists for the budget stretching old standby of hamburger.   You will find new ideas in this Ground Breaking 25 non Burger Dinners to make with ground beef.  Found a few of them that will work for potlucks as well, perfect for the holidays.

Pete Evans Balinese Roasted Chicken
Photography © Katie Quinn Davies 2011

OMG! This Balinese Roasted Chicken is delicious!  Now wondering if I can cut out the roasting of the whole chicken and just do it with a pan of chicken thighs.  Hmmm,  thinking I might have to experiment soon.

Do you find yourself cooking or thinking about cooking more often this time of year?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Noteworthy Blogs 11-22-12

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today's noteworthy blogs cover the decadent and the practical.  As we spend time with our families and remember that both are of  equal importantance.

Practical is what you get from the Financial Highway.  Their posts are always so informative, like Preparing for your Peak Income Years.  Who knew you should plan for it, I sure didn't.

Moving on,

I have a confession to make, I have a weakness, that isn't very Paleo, its desserts.  While my desire for sweets has dropped to almost non existent, it hasn't gone away entirely.  What I have noticed is it is now more of a situation inspired craving versus a constant craving. There is just something about ending a meal, when dining  with family and friends, with desserts that provides a sense of satisfaction and completeness to the event.

Slow Cooker Applesauce Spice Cake is a paleo recipe of an old favorite. 

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Burnt Orange a Color of Fall

Fall colors are a favorite of ours here at Entwined Vines Jewelry.  We like them all, yet burnt orange is one of our favorites.  With so many talented artisans to choose from, a delectable array of items to choose from were found on  It appears that other artisans share our love of burnt orange.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Caricature Portraits at Portland Saturday Market

When vacationing everyone like to have a keepsake with which to remind them of time well spent. Visiting  Portland Saturday Market is no different, whether local or from out of town time at the market is a mini vacation for the senses.  What better to memorialize the event than with a caricature portrait created while you wait. Drawing under that kind of pressure takes a unique skill set that few possess.

Pre-start to the day, all set up and waiting for the market to open.

Become a toon is one caricature option.

Another is have your caricature portrait done in the likeness of a famous person.

A really reasonable price at $10.00 per person. 

Random piece of work on the drawing table.  Caricatures are a lot of fun, get yours today.

Hours of Operation
Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Noteworthy Blogs 11-15-12

This week in noteworthy blogs we are sharing a few passions.

Tina has a love of cooking, which Thank you doesn't even begin to cover how much I personally appreciate that she also has a love of sharing her cooking on a very regular basis, as I(Tammy) do not enjoy cooking.  I can cook, just don't like to, it takes time away from other things I would rather be doing, yet I love food.  Talking about it, reading about it, researching it, and watching cooking shows.  Have to say my life has been so enriched since I met and became friends with this amazing woman and her family. Anyway, got off track back to today's regularly scheduled programming. 

We both follow a paleo lifestlye and are always on the lookout for new recipes.  The holy grail: a good paleo pizza, blogged the pizza crust recipe she used, the results and a critique.  

Can't wait to have time to try this out myself.  Have any of you tried it?  What's your thoughts on a paleo pizza?

It's November, I am dreaming of the spring garden.  While this hasn't been a reality the last couple of years, there is nothing like growing your own herbs, vegetables and fruits to eat straight from the garden.  

While it hasn't been a reality, I still dream shop. Losing many an hour to drooling over the seed catalogs.  Botanical interests is a web page I follow; they are a high quality seed company.  You can also find them on Facebook.  Highly recommend them if you are into gardening at all.

Any gardening blogs you would recommend?

Monday, November 12, 2012

In honor of our Vetrans

The men ad women of the United States Military have stood for our freedom for decades.  As Sunday was a day set aside to honor our veterans, have you stopped and asked yourself when the last time you thanked a veteran or an active serviceman or woman?

These men and women protect our freedoms on foreign sole.  They and their families sacrifice a great deal while serving.  Regardless of your stance on the current political use of them, they deserve our respect and thanks for the service they provide.

Thank you, for your service and sacrifice.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wayward Starfish Batik -- Portland Saturday Market

Wayward Starfish Batik can be found at Portland Saturday Market, as there name implies they are never in the same location.  Though they are easy to find, just stop at the information booth to locate there exact position or wander the market at your leisure until you find them.

Batiks is a type of fabric and they use it to create lovely clothing.

A bit of  paintings to add some diveristy.

Unique designs on there children's clothing are amazing.  As with all artists at the market each vendor much design and create a certain percentage of each item they have for sale at the Portland Saturday Market.

Portland Saturday Market
Hours of Operation
Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Noteworthy Blogs 11-8-12

Noteworthy blog choices of the week.

1.) The Paleo Mom   is a scientist turned stay at home mom.  She breaks paleo down from a scientific view, yet in such a manner that it is understandable even with out a science degree. 

Is yeast Paleo is a great blog to start with.  It covers, good yeast, bad yeast and natural yeast, in a clear concise understandable  manner.

2.) Angie Gooding, the author of our next blog, is a fitness, health & body image coach.
Is a fantastic post, especially for someone like me.   I hate housework, it is just so mundane, boring and constantly needing to be done.  Yet I can't stand a messy house.  

Let us know what you think of our choices.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Classic Black and White with a Touch of Gold

Gearing up for the holiday's you can't go wrong with the classic black and white color combination. Embellish a room with subtle black and white decorations that the black and white will enhance rather than detract from the overall look of a room.  Accessorize your outfit holiday parties with the simple, subtle, yet elegant and classy black and white color combination.

Looking to add a splash of pizzazz to your holidays? Nothing classy with more pizzazz than adding a touch of gold.