Thursday, November 1, 2012

Noteworthy Blogs 11-1-12

Noteworthy blogs is a new feature for us on our blog.  This is going to become a regular feature moving forward.  Where we share blogs (of course), articles,and information that we find interesting, passionate and news worthy.  Some might call it a knowledge dump, yet we found that to be too limiting of a title for us.

This came about due to private inquiries of what we are reading!  In an interview, the point was really hammered home when someone asked if being small business owners we found it limited what we read.  No, actually the opposite is true.  Long forgotten interests have found there way back.  We are always researching, reading and learning, whether specifically for the business or not.  

We are kicking this off with the blog Active Response Training!

Active Response Training is a blog that is targeted at citizens who choose to conceal carry firearms.  Yet, they cover a much wider array of safety topics, that are relevant to us all.

Lessons Learned from a Home Invasion is a recent blog covering a home invasion that occurred.  They also go into how to make it harder and what steps to take for the would be thief to invade your home.

Till next time.

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