Thursday, November 29, 2012

Noteworthy Blogs 11-29-12

Fall is in the air with winter nipping at our heels, sigh.  While food is a big part of life and time should be taken to enjoy it to its fullest, this time of year just seems to bring it into sharp focus.  Maybe it is the colder weather and we are inside more often.  Maybe it is the holiday's that puts us in mind of big meals with family and entertaining friends.  Who knows for sure, yet here are a couple of noteworthy blogs to jump start some cooking creativity in your life.

All I'm saying is Garrett is lucky to have me. ;)

 New twists for the budget stretching old standby of hamburger.   You will find new ideas in this Ground Breaking 25 non Burger Dinners to make with ground beef.  Found a few of them that will work for potlucks as well, perfect for the holidays.

Pete Evans Balinese Roasted Chicken
Photography © Katie Quinn Davies 2011

OMG! This Balinese Roasted Chicken is delicious!  Now wondering if I can cut out the roasting of the whole chicken and just do it with a pan of chicken thighs.  Hmmm,  thinking I might have to experiment soon.

Do you find yourself cooking or thinking about cooking more often this time of year?

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