Thursday, June 28, 2012

Top 5 Tips for a Relaxing Vacation!

Top 5 tips for a relaxing vacation:

     1.)  Plan ahead and prep as much as you can.  This way when you leave you are not rushing about frantically at the last minute.  Lists are a great way to stay organized  ensure that nothing is missed and everything is done and packed.

     2.) Pack good shoes! Whether hiking, camping, sight seeing or just walking on board a luxury ship, you will relax more if your feet are happy.

     3.) Schedule down time into your vacation.  Periods of time each day where you can just be.  It is vital as over scheduling of activities does not allow for relaxation.  This way you avoid vacation burnout and do not need a vacation from your vacation.  

     4) Give yourself permission to let go of all that busy brain junk and just be in the moment while on vacation.  The mundane will be there when you return. Pre-planning ensure priorities were done, nothing left needs to be stressed about while on vacation.  It can wait till you return refreshed and rejuvenated from your vacation. 

     5) Take an extra day off and plan to return from your vacation one day early.  Two reasons for this, one day allows for unexpected travel delays.  More important is the second reason which is to give yourself an in between day.  Allowing you to gradually ease back into the normal routine of everyday life.  

 Next week we will be posting our  Top 5 Tips when Vacationing with Children!

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