Saturday, December 8, 2012

Children's Perspective of Portland Saturday Market

Have you ever stopped and thought about what a shopping day is like from the perspective of children?  One day we did, while we were working Portland Saturday Market. While we chose not to undertake interviewing the little tykes,as we realized this would be too daunting of a task, both from a working perspective and disruptive for parents; we did play around with what their visual perception would be like.

It really is different when you take yourself down to their height and changes how its viewed.  While I have walked by this booth numerous times, not once have I ever been inclined to curl up on the pillows.  Changing perspective changed that.  This image really does look inviting to curl up with those fabulous pillows.

Color, fun colors. Ok, I know this is my favorite tye dye booth, yet depending the height of the child all they are going to see is the color with no idea of what the actual item is.

Same with this photo, the photo captures a wider shot than most children take it.

Really can't tell you what the children seeing this booth from this height would be thinking.  Just seeing the pictures of images from a different height really drives home that the sensory input received by different people, really changes the experience.  Next time you are with a child and they comment on something that doesn't make sense, stop and change your perspective.  Look at the surroundings from their height, their perspective, you will be amazed at how different your outings with the children in your life will be. 

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