Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bring on the Cookies; Noteworthy Blogs 1-29-13

Bring on the cookies!  Need I say more?  Ok, well maybe a little to keep the search engine gremlins happy, lol.

No seriously, cookies for me are linked to so many happy memories.  Both from childhood and as an adult that it is one area I have a hard time refraining from.  Thankfully I am a cookie snob, and prefer homemade what is found in the stores.  Yet, it is an indulgence that I should be avoiding altogether.  Even though every now and then I indulge, gleefully I might add.


Life's A Plate has posted the recipe for Paleo Almond Clusters.  The beautiful thing about these Paleo Almond Clusters is they have no wheat or nut flour and are very low on the amount of sugar in them.   Though you do have to keep them in a cool place if you want them to remain clusters, versus granola consistency.

At Lillian's test kitchen, where Lillian is always trying new recipes, you can find the recipe for scrumptious Honey (cinnamon) cookies.  She even has a video set up in addition to the recipe to help you out.

Lillian's Test Kitchen

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