Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sweet Breads; Noteworthy Blogs 1-15-13

It is winter and there should be the smell of baking bread in the air, sigh.   One I avoid cooking, two with no gluten or wheat or grains in the house, it is a little pointless to be day dreaming about the smells of fresh baked bread.

Memories, plain and simple!  In my house we baked fresh bread every week and sometimes twice a week.  If the house was cold we would supplement the wood stove at the other end of the house by cooking. Usually baking something, bread, cinnamon rolls, cookies, or scones.  Even tried are hand at bagels, once.

While I do not miss the gluten or the wheat, I miss the memories they would inspire.  So many happy memories of in my life, and I am sure in others revolve around food.  So what's a Paleo lifestyler to do?

Search the internet!

Over at Northwest Cave Girls, they have an absolutely scrumptious scone recipe.  Perfect for fall and winter it is a delectable Orange Cranberry Almond Scone.  Yum! sums it up perfectly.

Now Heidi, over at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom, has a tasty sopaipillas recipe.  This decadent treat boasts the achievement of being both gluten and wheat free, and also being dairy free.  For those of you who do not know a sopaipillas is fried dough that is then drizzled with honey.  Now I am dreaming of Mexican food,  lol.

Have you ever thought of how many of your best recalled memories center around food?

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