Thursday, February 28, 2013

Procrastination and Distraction

Is it distraction or procrastination holding you back?

Not a question I had though of in quite those terms before.  However, when I saw the blog title "The Unseen Side of Procrastination and The Law of Distraction" in my email inbox, I was instantly intrigued.   Brett Jarmon writes that we lose ourselves and our goals to distraction. And that it is usually distraction not procrastination holding us back.

As children we are not taught to process our hurts and pain, we are distracted from it with shiny objects.  This leads to how we cope with distress later in life.  While most of the time, the distraction will not hinder our progress in certain arenas of your life, in others it can be devastating.

The devastation comes from missed goals, lost opportunities and at the worst the total caving and giving up of our dreams.  Illusion of working towards one's goals and making progress, can be created without us even  realizing it, because we are conditioned to the distraction technique.  The illusion comes from the distraction that we do not realize is hiding a deeper hurt.  Unless we own these feelings and process them it is possible to no realize there is no true forward progress happening towards the accomplishment of your dreams and goals.  

Is coping with pain, hurts, unhappiness with shiny objects as we were taught as a child holding us back?   Is procrastination really just distraction and we are holding ourselves back by not processing and dealing with what we are trying to avoid?   Has Brett Jarmon of Expert Enough  correct in his thought process?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot Air Ballon's

I do not know what it is about hot air balloon's, but they always make me smile.  Whether I see them in real life or depicted in art, whether fanciful designs or practical they can always bring a smile to my face.  Am I the only one who feels this way?

Better yet, let your imagination run wild as you view this collection.  With flights of fancy or something more practical that you are needing an inspiration boost for, this just might be the trigger you require to get started.  With deigns that include softly muted colors, vibrant colors, various metals and artistic forms, let your imagination soar.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Noteworthy Blogs 2-21-13

Alright, I admit it, I like quick and easy meals.  Preferably ones that can easily accommodate the transition to create to a quick portability for consumption on the go. Neither of which is a primary trait when you start following a Paleo lifestyle.  Though I have gotten much better about transitioning and creating portable foods, sometimes convenience is really nice.  Both of these recipes are quick, simple and offer a convenient option for food on the go.


A quick and easy "Microwaveable English Muffin"  recipe.  Created by Tina and shared over on "Carrots 'n' Cake".  Where she shares her life one bite at a time.   These make for a fast solution , if you need a portable quick breakfast.  Works great for lunch as well.

While they do not work nearly as well for sandwiches as the English muffin option above, I can't resist adding them to the menu once in a while.  They make a great accompaniment for just about any dish.  The recipe for these "Italian Drop Biscuits" can be found on the "Clean Eats in the Zoo"

What are your go to options for healthy portable food?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wolves and the Moon

Wolves and moons have been linked in folklore and history as far back as mankind can remember.  Whether they are believed to be a sing of omens, either for ill or good,  or the source of myths about scary monsters in the form of a wolfman or werewolves, they have been linked.

In different cultures that name the full moon of each month, the moon at the end of winter is often known as the Wolf Moon.  There is definitely no hard and fast rule of which month this falls in as different cultures have placed it to coincide with the end of their winter weather.  Not to mention that the moons cycle differs from year to year, so the full moon is constantly changing calender date.  Though each culture associates the wolf moon to the lean time that occurs at the end of winter.  When winter stores have run low, hunting is scare and it is a scare time for food gathering.

It is an undeniable fact that man and wolf will continue to be linked in the years to come.  I personally have always been fascinated by wolves.  If you study wolves, even a little bit, you will quickly come to realize that each pack is set up as a family.  They are playful and gently with those in there pack.  Being harsh within the pack only when it is required for their survival.   Yes, they can be and will be vicious to any perceived threat to the pack and respond quickly.   Though it is a rarity for them to attack humans first, wild wolves will usually steer clear of humans when they are around.   Expectations to every rule exist, so occasionally this does happen, however it is a rarity.  

For as long as history has been depicted wolves have been featured in it.  Today artists incorporate the wolf and moon into lovely pieces of art, using a variety of medians.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Chinese New Year -- Year of the Snake

This last Sunday, Tina and I took some much needed downtime and enjoyed a fabulous day with her family, ending it with a feast of food and friendship to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  I have to say life doesn't get much better than that.

Sunday February 10, 2013 was the first day of the Chinese New Year.  This year is the year of the snake.  Unlike other cultures whom use the monthly zodiac to discern attributes in one, the Chinese do it by year,which then cycles through all of the different symbols.  Each one reappearing once every 12 years.   Is one better than the other, that is all up to each individuals perspective.

While this is a pantheon that I have done very little research into over the years what I do know is that everyone born in the year of the snake is believed to be quick thinking and very intelligent.  On the flip side of that coin or the negative traits are that the individuals are considered to be show off.  In addition they can be extremely deceitful and dishonest.   The duality of positive and negative traits that have the potential to occur is consistent through all of the zodiac pantheons, regardless of origin.

No matter what your personal views are in regards to zodiac signs, I hope you find these snake designs created by a group of very talented artisans, that can be found on Artfire, as fascinatingly delightful as a I have.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Noteworthy Blogs 2-7-13

Finding affordable ways to accomplish goals is one of the ways I challenge myself.  Yes, going the easy route is sometimes more practical, however I see no reason why life can't be enjoyed with a minimum of expense.  

Pictures 132.jpg

These PVC gymnastic rings are a perfect example, inexpensive to build, practical to store and allows workouts at times that are convenient for my schedule.  Now all I have to do is reinforce some beams to work with them.

What do you use to work out without breaking the bank?

Street Noodles, one of my guilty pleasures, before going Paleo.  It is hands down my favorite meal to indulge in on errand days or at least it use to be.  Went looking after thinking about them and found a Paleo recipe for them using spaghetti squash for noodles.  I have done that for red sauce spaghetti, yet it had never occurred to me to use it as an alternative in other dishes such as street noodles.   Sometimes the simplest things are the most easily overlooked.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Victorian Valentine

A lovely collection just in time for Valentine's day.  The Victorian era was one of romance and mystery, that inspires many still today in their designs and creativity.