Thursday, February 28, 2013

Procrastination and Distraction

Is it distraction or procrastination holding you back?

Not a question I had though of in quite those terms before.  However, when I saw the blog title "The Unseen Side of Procrastination and The Law of Distraction" in my email inbox, I was instantly intrigued.   Brett Jarmon writes that we lose ourselves and our goals to distraction. And that it is usually distraction not procrastination holding us back.

As children we are not taught to process our hurts and pain, we are distracted from it with shiny objects.  This leads to how we cope with distress later in life.  While most of the time, the distraction will not hinder our progress in certain arenas of your life, in others it can be devastating.

The devastation comes from missed goals, lost opportunities and at the worst the total caving and giving up of our dreams.  Illusion of working towards one's goals and making progress, can be created without us even  realizing it, because we are conditioned to the distraction technique.  The illusion comes from the distraction that we do not realize is hiding a deeper hurt.  Unless we own these feelings and process them it is possible to no realize there is no true forward progress happening towards the accomplishment of your dreams and goals.  

Is coping with pain, hurts, unhappiness with shiny objects as we were taught as a child holding us back?   Is procrastination really just distraction and we are holding ourselves back by not processing and dealing with what we are trying to avoid?   Has Brett Jarmon of Expert Enough  correct in his thought process?

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