Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wolves and the Moon

Wolves and moons have been linked in folklore and history as far back as mankind can remember.  Whether they are believed to be a sing of omens, either for ill or good,  or the source of myths about scary monsters in the form of a wolfman or werewolves, they have been linked.

In different cultures that name the full moon of each month, the moon at the end of winter is often known as the Wolf Moon.  There is definitely no hard and fast rule of which month this falls in as different cultures have placed it to coincide with the end of their winter weather.  Not to mention that the moons cycle differs from year to year, so the full moon is constantly changing calender date.  Though each culture associates the wolf moon to the lean time that occurs at the end of winter.  When winter stores have run low, hunting is scare and it is a scare time for food gathering.

It is an undeniable fact that man and wolf will continue to be linked in the years to come.  I personally have always been fascinated by wolves.  If you study wolves, even a little bit, you will quickly come to realize that each pack is set up as a family.  They are playful and gently with those in there pack.  Being harsh within the pack only when it is required for their survival.   Yes, they can be and will be vicious to any perceived threat to the pack and respond quickly.   Though it is a rarity for them to attack humans first, wild wolves will usually steer clear of humans when they are around.   Expectations to every rule exist, so occasionally this does happen, however it is a rarity.  

For as long as history has been depicted wolves have been featured in it.  Today artists incorporate the wolf and moon into lovely pieces of art, using a variety of medians.

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