Thursday, March 14, 2013

Farmer's Martkets; Noteworthy Blogs 3-14-13

He He, Farmer's Markets are starting to open up for the season, I am so looking forward to this and can't wait.  This Saturday one of our favorites opens up, so looking forward to it. Fresh vegetables  fruits and grass fed free range meats, all of the straight from the source.  Direct from those who grow and raise the food, can't wait.

Market tents

Portland Farmer's Market at Portland State University is our first choice in markets to visit   The variety and choices of vendors is superb.

Oregon City Farmer's Market is another one we enjoy.  It is a bit smaller, but you can find outstanding produce, vegetables and flowers.


Here is a helpful article for when you have fresh cut flowers, on how to keep them fresh. that I found.  It talks about keeping them fresh longer by using a variety of surprisingly common, everyday household items.

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