Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Day of Spring 2013

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, according to the calender anyway.  No matter the weather I am looking forward to Spring.  It is one of my favorite times of year.  For me Spring signals a time of new beginnings  new growth, signs of warmer weather to come (weather is relative of course) and a renewal in the cycle of life.

Everyone has a flower favorite, or at least I assume they do, I have several.  Yet, for me, one of my favorites since I was a child is the first flower of the season.  While it may not be exactly true, especially for different regions with different climates. The first flower of the season I look forward to seeing our Daffodils .  To me they signal the true beginning of spring.  I love seeing them pop up and bloom when there is still snow on the ground ( a rarity in the Pacific Northwest, but I have seen it.).  The flowers dancing in joy with the gentle spring rains or swaying softly in a light breeze.  Their vibrant yellow colors shouting out a midst the dismal grays we see in the last dredges of winter trying vainly to hold on.

I created this collection back at the beginning of February, when I was cold and dreaming of spring.  Yep I was cold and dreaming of spring.  Warmer days, gentle spring rains, flowers blooming, the smell of fresh turned dirt, torn nails, blackberry bramble scrapes, vegetables growing and flowers blooming.  The whole nine yards.

Fortunately we have so many talented artists, on Artfire to choose from...

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