Thursday, March 21, 2013

Noteworthy Blogs 3-21-13

Ah the joys of spring, fresh blooming flowers, dirt under the nails, the smell of fresh turned earth and oh the aching knees.  

It has been a super busy time in the garden this year, more so than normal.  The back fence is being replaced and I have to admit it has been an area sorely neglected, hence the extra times.  Which I am loving being outside so much,  yet I could do without the aching knees.  

I was pondering how to avoid the aching knees, one morning while and did a quick internet search.  What I found was that in some cases I have been causing my own aching knees when I squat to do something, go figure.  Low and behold I found a two part blog on how to properly Squat.

Part one covers the basic squat and weight distribution.  Basically how, that most of your weight should be on your heels.  That was my first issue, I was squatting with my weight on my toes.  

Part two moves up and goes into proper foot placement and alignment of the body.  This part I have some challenges with while gardening.  However, paying attention to all the tips and putting them into practice as much as possible, it has greatly reduced my aching knees.

Anyone have any other tips on how to ease the aches and pains of long hours in the yard?

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