Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Steampunk Volume One

Steampunk is a very popular art-form, trend, design, however you choose to describe it.  I like some of the Steampunk designs I have seen.  While others leave me shaking my head wondering what they were thinking.    Art being subjective I can look at the technical and see it is superb and still not get it, but that is ok someone, somewhere will like it.  Everything each artisan creates, including myself is created for someone specific.  I firmly believe that, though it is a matter of the art and artisan and the person it is intended for to find each other, which can seem challenging at times.

Anyway, I was wandering through Artfire a while back found a variety of Steampunk desings and thought I would share.  This first volume is a collection of items that are probably the easiest to recognize as steampunk.

Stop in next week for Volume Two of Steampunk

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